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Current Group Members

Ph.D. Students:

2 sign group 2024 .HEIC

Harry Spencer:  Polymer Mechanophores and Cargo Delivery

Geornipha Milbin:  Molecular Imprinting of Fentanyl derivatives

Hannah Heinz:  Polymer Mechanophores and Depolymerization

Undergraduate Students:


Kyle Chastain

Past Group Members

Visiting Sabbatical Professors:


                        Professor Reddithota J. Krupadam, Ph.D.; 2010;  National Environmental Engineering Research institute Nagpur, India


Postdoctoral Fellows:


                        Balamurugan Subramanian:  2003 – 2012; currently post-doctoral at LSU


                        Izabela Lomnicka:  2002 – 2003; currently employed at the LSU Veterinary School


                        Challa Kumar:  2000 - 2001; currently employed at the Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD),

                                                      Baton Rouge, LA.

Ph.D. Students:


                        Martha Sibrian-Vazquez:  1998-2003; Ph.D. Thesis:  Design, synthesis, and applications of bio-derived crosslinking

                                                                         monomers for molecular imprinting.


                        Hyunjung Kim:  1998-2004; Ph.D. Thesis:  New insights into the binding site formation and the performance of

                                                        molecularly imprinted polymers.


                        Ryan Simon:  1999-2005; Ph.D. Thesis:  Molecular recognition and its underlying mechanisms in molecularly imprinted



                        Jason LeJeune:  2005-2010; Ph.D. Thesis:  Design and development of chiral and achiral molecularly imprinted stationary



                        Nicholas Gariano:  2006-2013; Ph.D. Thesis:  Super-aptamer bioimprinted hydrogels:  an investigation into the optimization

                                                             and characterization of cross-linked polymer materials displaying macromolecular amplified responses.


                        Wei Bai:  2008-2014; Ph.D. Thesis:  Bio-Imprinted Hydro-Gels (BIGs) for protein and virus detection


                        Danielle Meador:  2009-2014; Ph.D. Thesis:  Design, synthesis, and exploration of a chimeric antioxidant and new

                                                                                             crosslinkers for molecular imprinting

                Britney Hebert: 2011-2016: Ph.D. Thesis: Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Enantiomer Separations and Biomolecular Sensors.

               Arjun Pandey:  2014-2019:  PhD Thesis:  Development of a tunable platform for the study of geomacromolecular matrices using controlled

                                                                                                  radical polymerization. 

                 Ghada Abdalla:  2015-2020:  Development of engineered soil surrogates for modeling natural soil sorption behavior.

                 Md Ragib Hasan: 2016-2022:  Polymer mimetics for soil modeling and detection of biomarkers.


M.S. Students:


                        Andrea Dupre:  2000-2003,  M.S.  "The Role of Silanes in Coupling Reactions and in Deoxygenative Alkylations."

                                                                            Currently a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette.


                        Temeeka Kennedy:  2001-2002, M.S. Currently employed at BASF Chemicals, Geismar, LA.


                        Mrunal Thatte:  1998-2001, M.S.  "Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Arenediazonium Tetrafluoroborate Salts

                                                                           with Aryl Silanes." Ph.D. at LSU under Dr.  William Daly.


Undergraduate Students:

                  Tammy San:  2016-2019

                  Hannah Hummel:  summer 2018


                        Mark DiTusa:  2013-2015; current LSU student

                        Clement Janin:  2012-2013; French exchange student


                        Elizabeth Lissy:  2009-2011; Chemistry Honor’s Research Thesis


                        Catherine Nguyen:  2009, Summer REU student


                        Andrew Meng: 2005-2008; High School Student at Louisiana Laboratory School


                        Yonatan Platt: 2009 LSU chemistry Major


                        Jimena Baron:  2009, LSU chemistry major  


                        Mike DeLee:  2007-2008, LSU chemistry major


                        Dan Lazarro:  2006, LSU chemistry major                


                        Amery Martinat: 2005 Chancellor's Future Leaders in Science Fellow


                        Justin Poag:  2004, Summer REU student


                        Ashley Smith:  2002, Chancellor's Future Leaders in Science Fellow


                        Katie Penny:  2001 -2002, Chancellor's Future Leaders in Science Fellow


                        Melissa Bueche:  Spring 2002 - Spring 2003,


                        Natoyha Henry:  Summer 2002, HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellow from University of Alabama


                        Scott Iacono:  Summer 2000 - Fall 2000


                        Branko Mitasev:  Summer 1999, HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellow from University of Virginia


                        Benjamin Caire:  Fall 2001 - Spring 2002


                        Sherry Castle:  Summer 1999


                        Neal Holm:  Summer 1999, Currently in Medical School at Louisiana State University, Shreveport


                        Darci Rushing:  Summer 1998, REU Undergraduate Fellow from Troy State University

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